How Can You Invest

The goal of VIDA Church is to be a completely self-sustaining church by the fourth year.


Outside Investors

VIDA Church giving

Year 1

90% 10%

Year 2

60% 40%

Year 3

25% 75%

Year 4

0% 100%

Would you please consider a generous financial investment to help us launch? Maybe you could commit to a monthly pledge for 12–36 months, or perhaps you find yourself without a church to tithe to and would begin to give regularly to VIDA Church. Thank you in advance for partnering with us to reach Guadalajara! We are honored to be in this together and excited about what’s to come!

How to Invest


Mail commitments and financial gifts to:
VIDA Church
1709 Johnson Rd
Springdale, AR 72762


Give a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift for VIDA Church by clicking the button below.



Many banks offer their customers the ability to have checks autodrafted and mailed on a recurring basis. Contact your personal bank for info.